STLC 101 – Everything you need to know about Software Testing Lifecycle

As long as we learn, fix and enhance the features, Mistakes are ok to be made!  While mistakes or defects/bugs in software terms are inevitable and that is why testing is important in a software lifecycle.   Lifecycle: Lifecycle in software generally denotes stages or phases that are executed sequentially in a process.  Software Testing Life […]

Selenium Framework – What It Is? Why Should You Know About It? What You Need to Know?

Selenium is the big player in the open source automation testing suite. Even google, Netflix, Fitbit are using Selenium for testing.  The Selenium framework consists of automation testing tools bundled into a suite, that can run tests directly on the browser and automatically rerun without manual input.  Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Selenium Grid, Selenium […]

Ultimate Face-Off: Manual Testing Vs Automation Testing

Software Testing is a critical step in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).  Testing is the process of finding defects, bugs in the software/product and eliminating all the errors that may impact the software/product functionality.  Software testing is a vast domain that has various variants and methodologies. Software testing requires a critical eye to see […]