AJ Aijaz
IT Services Manager, Shipcom Wireless Inc

Being in the management role IT Industry for almost 15 years I have come across many smart sourced companies. Some were a great professional experience and the other were a learning experience.What stood out about Peakin Learning Technologies Pvt Ltd is that they provided both resource and technology solutions to everything I needed not only for DevOps & Cloud Infrastructure but also on a very short deadlines.

Few things that stood out about the team and Peakin,

Commitment, Customer Service, Knowledge Base, Solution Design, Resource Availability.

Mr. Hara Prasad Das
IT Professional, Bengaluru

I have taken Online Training for Oracle Apps DBA course from Peakin Learning technologies. The trainer is good and highly patient with a good grip on  Oracle Apps DBA. Had tried to cover up all the topics from his end and clarified all the doubts instantly either via practical or relating the topics to a real time scenario.  Had assisted/ supervised the installation and was in touch throughout the lengthy installation process.  The very good thing is the adjustable timings of the classes if requested.

DevOps Consultant – Working in Australia

I have just completed Laxmi’s Oracle Training Program from Peakin Learning technologies. The Trainer laxmi has been so professional throughout the training period. Having located outside the country ourself, its been pretty hard for her to manage the resources in a different time zone.. We truly appreciate her effort in making us understand the complexity and criticality of the DB systems

Priyanka Arora
Software Engineer

Laxmi is an ace trainer who clarifies the smallest of doubt before moving forward. She is very dedicated and focused.I had a great learning experience with Peakin. I definitely recommend Peakin to all the professionals who wish to enhance their skills.

Dr.Meghana Dikshit
Founder at DE MANTRAA, Mumbai

Pandu Ranga Reddy’s Corporate sales experience of leading teams and empowering them for consistent improved results is truly remarkable. His Life Coaching Skills and Experience can enable individuals and teams to find greater meaning & satisfaction in their life.

Sravanthi Kurra
Testing Consultant, USA

I am glad to have a trainer like you for Software Automation tool (Selenium-JAVA).

I never felt that I am taking classes in online even though it is. You are very clear on subject while explaining and clarifying the doubts. Your sessions were very impressive that you will not move to the next topic until you hear the word “CLEAR” from me. you are not like the person to move fast but make the trainee to understand the concept (which is very positive quality the trainer should have).Thank you so much for allowing me to record the sessions which help a lot for me for future references.

I am sure I can describe your training in a single word in “PERFECT”.

Shyla Avasarala
Testing Engineer

Peakin Learning – is a wonderful platform to enrich your knowledge base in any area of IT continuous learning and Self development.
My journey with them is only a beginning – and I am sure I will be connected with them for many more years to come. I have enrolled for Selenium with Java with minimal technical knowledge in Java.

BHAGYALAXMI is one of the best Tutors I have come across – there are many people who have knowledge, but very few have the ability to impart to others. During the course of instruction, she keeps the audience in mind and traverses through the course. She is very patient, knowledgeable and a great TUTOR.

The course was so well structured and imparted – step by step that even a person with very little technical knowledge can excel in a month (can you believe it!!!). I have attended many Selenium courses in the past but could never attract my interest and had suspended due to the fact that it did not add any value to me. Instead it was demotivating me, inspite of having 12+ years of IT Software Testing domain.

Those aspiring to enrol with Peakin, please do not have second thoughts and you will thank yourself for taking a right decision for a bright career.