It’s 2020 and the world has been hit by a pandemic. Times are changing and nothing seems permanent right now. The uncertainties can be overwhelming for everyone.

What if my health goes into a toss? Will I get the right health care? Will I be able to afford my medical expenses? What about the economy of the world? Will there be a salary cut? Or worst what if I am fired?

While these are common questions that add to the stress, other issues are taking a toll on physical and emotional wellness.

Working from home is a huge shift to employees and employers across the world. While everyone is adjusting to the new normal, it impacts an individual’s health.

So, what should we do?

A one-word solution to this is Self-Care. A simple word, but difficult to practice self-care.

Self-care directly relates to well-being.

Wellness includes your health, stability, mental clarity, peace of mind, happiness, spirituality and having content in your life.

Wellness Concept

There are six basic wellness concepts – Physical wellness, Emotional wellness, Mental and Intellectual wellness, Social wellness, Professional/Occupational wellness and Spiritual wellness.

Physical Wellness:

Physical Wellness is all about taking care of our exterior self, the body. Indulging in physical activities, practicing hygiene, eating a proper balanced diet. Taking care of your physical wellness is a lifestyle change and it will improve your overall outlook towards life.

Emotional Wellness:

Emotional Wellness is about being aware and accepting your feelings and emotions. It is very important to improve your self-esteem and confidence. Emotional wellness includes how you perceive and react to other people’s feelings and emotions as well. An emotionally well person can maintain good relationships with others. Remember, the first step in fixing yourself is to accept yourself with all the flaws. 

Mental & Intellectual Wellness:

Mental & Intellectual Wellness is about your ability to face the challenges and learn from your experiences. You need to expand your knowledge, question about things around you, ignite your creative flare and ultimately pursue your interests.

Social Wellness:

Social Wellness is mainly about your interaction with others. Man is a social animal. Happiness is multiplied when shared. You should be comfortable interacting with others and coexist with others. Find ways to improve your relationships and surround yourself with positive people. Living in harmony with self and with the environment is the ultimate happiness.

Professional/ Occupational Wellness:

Professional Wellness is more than having a stable career. It is about future planning that includes financial aspects and what you want to achieve in your life. Your career must give a sense of personal satisfaction. Your choice of job, career growth and projectile, performance are all important aspects of wellness. 

Spiritual Wellness:

Spiritual wellness is the ultimatum. It is about seeking the very meaning of your existence. Journey to spiritual wellness is a long road. It is all about appreciating all the life and things around you. Accepting that there are things beyond our understanding is the beginning of spiritual wellness.

The road to wellness takes a lot of effort, grit and commitment.

1) Have a plan & short term goals.

Be it work, be it something you want to do in life, having a plan will relax your mind. Create a plan of what you want to achieve, set goals to accomplish them. Keep short-term goals. Reward yourself for achieving each goal. Sense of accomplishment will be a good morale boost for you to move forward.


2) Make a Routine.

Make a routine for yourself. You don’t have to be an early riser. Allocate time for the plans you made. Having a routine will help you calm the mind and keep yourself away from anxiety.


3) Practice Mindfulness.

So, you have a routine in place, which probably means you are going to work on your schedule. But instead of putting in the life in autopilot mode, try to be mindful. Be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of the things you do, what you smell, eat, feel and see. Be mindful about your thoughts. When you are fully aware of your surroundings, you know what gives you peace of mind and happiness.


4) Indulge in Physical Activity.

Indulge in some sort of physical activity – Brisk walking, jogging, yoga, dancing, swimming or some sort of sports that involves physical exercise. Endorphin (Happy hormone) releases as a result of physical activity. Physical activities are natural mood boosters. Endorphins keep your stress and discomfort in the bay!


5) Eat Right.

Meals play an important part in your well-being. Try to have balanced and nutritious foods. Be mindful about what you eat. Take time to chew the food, process its taste, smell and texture thoroughly. If possible, share your mealtime with a beloved one or a friend or a co-worker. 


6) Don’t overwork.

Immersing yourself in work might seem like the best option to stay away from negative thoughts. But it will do more harm and can have adverse health effects. Make room for hobbies and other activities. Work while you work and play while you play. Afterall, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy


7) Take a break.

Take breaks, every hour for at least five minutes. Take a walk, drink some water, do some stretching. But make sure to relax and move your eyes away from the monitor. This will immensely help in avoiding strain in back, shoulders due to prolonged sitting.


8) Get enough sleep.

Having a good undisturbed sleep of about 6 – 8 hours is recommended for active health and refreshed mind. Lack of sleep may hamper your productivity and also creates anxiety.


9) Have your Self-care time.

It is ok to have your own time. Spending time to yourself, reflecting on your day & thoughts will have a positive impact and give clarity towards your life.


10) Learn to say No and Put Yourself first.

Take care of your needs and lead life in a balanced manner. It is ok to say no and it ok to put your needs before others. Saying no is sometimes better for the other person as well, to learn something and grow. Every individual should work on their self-care routine.

Remember, YOU CAN DO IT. Practice this for your holistic wellness journey.

Y – Yoga and meditation

O – Observe the surroundings; Mindful minutes

U – Unite with nature


C – Connect with others

A – Active lifestyle

N – New hobby & skill learning


D – Discover the bright spots & landmines

O – Own a pet or Plant


I – Immerse in music

T – Track your life in a journal


Be aware of your life, consider what you need to do, make a plan and take action on it. Your life will be under your control!