Every business that we see needs an online presence now. With the world going digital, digital marketing jobs are selling like hot cake. Especially with the COVID pandemic, businesses worldwide are relying on digital marketing for their business. 

As per the stats, the growth of India’s digital advertising industry is now at 33.5%. An estimate states that the number of internet users will reach 601 million by the end of 2021. There are about 20 lakh jobs for digital services in India, which is likely to grow more. 

By digital services, we mean the various job roles that come under digital marketing. Let us see about some of the digital marketing roles and their responsibilities. 

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing executives & managers play critical roles in digital marketing. In a small company scenario, the digital marketing manager is the person who takes care of the entire digital marketing – right from content strategy to publishing in various channels etc. In a big company or corporate scenario, a digital marketing executive is the one who does the actual work, and the digital marketing manager will develop strategies and oversee the digital marketing executive. 


The typical role of a digital marketing manager is: 


1) Develop strategies for marketing campaigns, implement them and monitor them. 

2) Promotion of products/services of the company in the digital medium. 

3) Creating brand visibility and exposure by creating awareness. 

4) Gets more website traffic through their efforts and converts them into leads. 

5) Implements various advertising campaigns, email marketing & social media marketing campaigns to improve the sales 

6) Creates and manages text, audio, graphic or video contents and post them on the relevant medium

7) monitor the efforts and the expenditure and provide the reports to get more insights. 

In a nutshell, creating brand awareness and improving lead generation through all the digital channels is the role of a digital marketer. 

Web Developer and Designer

Nowadays, a business without a website is scarce. For digital marketing, the website is a must. Your website is where the search engines will point to when a customer does a relevant search. 


The roles of a web developer/designer are: 

1) Create a website that is easy for user navigation, has a good speed and performance

2) Creating a proper website layout to adhere to SEO standards

3) Website developers should consider SEO in mind while creating the website

4) Proper use of tags, meta description, alt tags, proper sizing of images are all roles of web developer/designer

Social Media Executive and Manager

Today, there are many social media networking platforms, which means many new doors to market the business. A social media executive is the one who does the work, and a manager has a better understanding of each social platform and strategizes the marketing plans for each social platform.  

Creating engaging content and optimizing the content to suit different social platforms is the primary role of a social media expert. 

The key roles and responsibilities of a social media marketing expert are:

  1. Creating social media campaign and marketing strategy 
  2. Providing content ideas, implementation schedules
  3. Doing audience research and competitive research
  4. Optimizing the content for different social media platforms and increasing the visibility of the company in social networks
  5. Engage with the audience and improve website traffic and revenue 

SEO Specialist

Getting our website to rank on the first page of google search results is the crucial role of an SEO (Search engine optimization) specialist or executive. SEO experts primary responsibility is to increase website traffic, and SEO experts are highly sought after job roles in the digital marketing domain. 


SEO specialists have the following critical tasks: 

  1. Strategize on-page and off-page SEO and carry them out
  2. Collaborate with others to strengthen the backlinks of the website
  3. Does keyword research and optimize the website contents based on that
  4. Using google analytics, SEO specialists compile performance reports
  5. Creates strategies to improve the organic website traffic.

SEM Specialist

SEM (Search engine marketing) specialists are also known as paid marketing specialists, are the one’s who take care of paid search advertisements and improve paid traffic to the website. Almost 30% of google search results pages comprises ads, and that is why it is essential to have a specific role for paid advertising. 


  1. Strategize the PPC (Pay per click) ad campaigns
  2. Optimize the ad content and landing page content
  3. Do competitor research on advertisements
  4. Calculating the budget and returns on paid ad campaigns
  5. Analyze, track and report website data and PPC campaigns. 

Content Marketing Manager

Content marketing manager plays a very crucial role in digital marketing. The content marketing manager writes every text that goes out to the customers. Writing blogs, social media content, marketing ad copies, ebooks, guest blogging, email marketing, video scripts, sales page copies, website copies are the roles of a content marketing manager. 


  1. Create engaging content to provide value to the audience and help in the conversion
  2. Create an editorial plan and content marketing strategy 
  3. Plan content distribution and management
  4. Increase customer engagement
  5. Plan content with SEO in mind 
  6. Optimizing content for different social media platforms

Digital copywriter

While content writers primary purpose is to inform and educate the customer, a copywriter writes to persuade and sell to the customers. Digital copywriter helps SEM specialists to write better ad copy and support in more conversion. 


  1. Optimizing content to persuade and attract the customers, making them click 
  2. Creating SEO friendly headlines
  3. Provide content for videos, images and infographics
  4. Define brand voice and oversee all the content, optimize them according to the brand needs
  5. Writing clear and compelling copies for various mediums

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As you can see, there are multiple digital marketing career paths that one can take, and lots of creativity is involved. Digital marketing sure is an excellent choice of career in 2021. If you are choosing digital marketing for your job and is looking for a comprehensive digital marketing course, we have the right one tailor-made for you. Contact us for more details.