“The path to sales mastery never ends, and neither should your sales training.”

Sales Training means learning and development, whether one is operating business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C) or a mixed business models.

Yes, one size doesn’t fit all. Sales training serves salespeople best when it is customized for individual needs and organization type.

Sales Training experts at peakin, analyze and understand the concerns of important stake holders and the following dynamic variables in designing a customized, sector specific, industry specific training interventions.

    • Type of the industry
    • Products or service
    • customer expectations
    • sales readiness / success enabling culture within the organization ( Important factor)
    • Conversations of the sales people ( within themselves )
    • Conversations with the customers
    • Business Targets ( Top driven or bottom up ) vs Time
    • National /Regional / language challenges
    • Sales functions Integration with the Marketing, H.R, Finance and delivery divisions
    • Current business environment needs, new ways of learning and development.

Smart organizations are looking at learning in communities. Smarter companies are working on community learning and group learning as a way of challenging sales teams. Formal and informal learning methods are being used to make it more innovative and engaging.

The following are some of the customized Sales Training solutions Peakin might come up with, based on the interactions, discussions with the different stake holders of the organization.

  1. Sales excellence foundation program
  2. Authentic story telling methods
  3. Mapping the emotional driving factors of sales personnel with the organizations vision, organization products / services.
  4. Define the competencies required in salespeople. Again, land on the critical few competencies required to produce the mandatory deliv­erables identified during the preliminary probing phase.

Answer the question “What 4 compe­tencies are needed for sales to meet its sales targets, business results?”

  • To focus on the 4 or 5 critical sales deliverables that cover 80 percent of what sales / services is expected to produce.
  • Working on Continuous coaching interventions to enable sales teams to reach their maximum potential
  • Building a sales organization, not just a sales department
  • Social selling ( The evolution of sales )
  • Consultative approach
  • Sales Maximization programs

We have observed that, the organizations that encourage authenticity in sales and allow the freedom for sales people to perform their way, produce accelerated business results consistently.

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