1. Creating VMs and configure them to achieve high availability.
  2. Create ARM templates
  3. Run Batch jobs for HPC
  4. Manage and run batch jobs using Azure CLI, Portal and Batch service API


  1. Create App service (web, mobile and api apps)
  2. Explore App Service plan and achieve High availability
  3. Azure Messaging strategy by using Service Bus and Event Hubs
  4. Implement azure functions
  5. Azure Storage Services
  1. Implementing Active directory Authentication
  2. Secure APIs with APIM
  3. Monitor using Application insights
  4. Configure build and release pipelines
  5. Implement CICD
  6. Implement a workflow using logic apps
  7. Email strategy with SendGrid.
  8. Monitors and Alters
  9. Implement Azure CDN
  10. Integrating unit tests and ui tests in pipeline