What does leadership means to you and your organization?

For different organizations, it means different approaches, frame works

For different people, it means different things.

Extensive research has been done, volumes of books have been written on Leadership, leadership development etc.

Leadership is mostly an inside out approach, which starts from the understating of the self, reflecting on values, meaning and Purpose of the individual existence. This is always a work in progress (W.I.P), continuous learning and development activity. Regular activities of exercise, meditation and reflective practices, keeps individual energies high, positive and impactful.

This Personal mastery enables the individuals into have meaningful relationships (Interpersonal mastery) with the immediate self, family, friends, colleagues and society at large. Leading with courage, awareness and authenticity is the need of the hour.

Within the organizational frame work, the organizational culture, its mission, vision and values acts as guiding principles for an employee to work and grow. Employee and organization growth is directly proportional to the availability of communications channels and learning environment tools. This is always a two way work in progress (T.W.W.I.P).



This foundation helps the individual and organizations to operate, navigate and thrive in a continuous volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous socio economic environments. Mutual value creation happens in the process of navigating V.U.C.A environments.

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