Technology has touched every aspect of human life including the education and the way we learn and grow.

Technology is playing a huge role in the concepts such as Social learning, gamification, micro learning (from any device such as Desktop, video and mobile etc) and accelerating learning and development.

Today, Audio, video Integrated solutions are the heart of Corporate ecosystem, educational institutions and auditoriums.

We empower organizations of every industry, sector and size with advanced audio-visual tools that assist them in realising their mission, values and goals.

We serve from schools to universities, small business to big business, retail to automotive and more.

We have the perfect solutions for every organization

At Peakin, we develop scalable, impactful audio, video solutions, tools help to improve the communication among the team members, improve the upskilling and reskilling processes

Our user-friendly solutions, designed to enhance the user learning experience and improve the overall productivity of the organization.

We supply, install, maintain and integrate

  • Interactive white boards / smart boards
  • Integrated Management solutions
  • Multimedia projectors
  • Digital signage solutions
  • Audio/ video conferencing solutions
  • Video streaming solutions
  • Video walls
  • Network Cameras
  • Professional display solutions
Corporate & education Audio video Solutions, video conference

We have required associations with different OEM’s , leading technology brands for enabling a seamless, e-class room solutions, board room solutions and complete audio , video solutions for every industry needs.

Right message at the right time at the right place can bring huge positive change in the ecosystem we operate in. We are committed for eco-friendly, green solutions and green productivity.

Connect with us now to explore wide range of audio, video solutions to make an impression with your employees, and to give them amazing learning & growing experience.