Scala & Spark

SCALA BASICS Introduction Immutability Variables declarations String Interpolation Methods If Else Statements Control structures Tuples Collections Monadics Traits Spark Framework Why Spark ? Spark vs MapReduce Spark Architecture Spark Submit RDD and its operations RDD Fault Tolerant Immutability Lazy Evaluation Cache Transformations Actions Persistence Levels Serialization Shared Variables Accumulators Broadcast Joins Joins Shuffled based Joins […]

BigData – Hadoop

Introduction of Big Data Big Data Characteristics Sources of big data  Typical Data flow Components in HADOOP HDFS Map Reduce Hive PIG SQOOP YARN OOZIE HADOOP Framework Hadoop System Master-Slave architecture Distributed Fault Tolerance Scalable Parallel processing HADOOP ARCHITECTURE Name Node Data Node Job Tracker Task Tracker Secondary Name Node HDFS architecture Block Split Block […]

GCP – Google Cloud Platform

Introduction Public Cloud Why Cloud Why Google Cloud Google Cloud Platform Introduction Google Cloud Platform Overview Getting Started – Login and $300 GCP Credit Getting around Cloud Console Regions , Zones /Data centers Google Cloud Platform Services GCP Interfaces GCP Projects GCP Resources GCP : Access Permissions GCP Cloud Billing Quota and Limits Service Account […]


Introduction to Qlikview Introduction to the concepts of Business Intelligence, learning about QlikView, the unique features of QlikView that make it the market leader, comparison to other BI tools, the complete overview and architecture of QlikView, studying the various file types and extensions. Qlikview Products Learning about the various QlikView products, understanding about the QlikView […]

Microsoft SCCM

Module 1: Overview of System Center 2016 Configuration Manager   Overview of the System Center 2016 Family of Products Benefits of Implementing System Center (SCCM 2016) Overview of the Configuration Manager(SCCM 2016) Hierarchy What Is a Central /Primary / Secondary Site? Configuration Manager Site System Roles How Data Flows and Replicates in a Hierarchy Monitoring […]

Azure DevOps

Explaining SDLC and ALM(Application life cycle management) Introduction to Software process models Agile Scrum Kanban and CMMI Introduction version control systems DVCS-Distributed version control systems CVCS-Centralized version control systems Explaining different version control systems Github Team foundation server Azure Devops-Background and Evolution Azure Devops-Basics Azure Devops Administration Organisation Projects Permissions and security Different levels of […]

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing course for Business owners & Professionals Digital Marketing plays an important role in the modern business eco system. This enables business owners to market their products and services faster and grow their business with the changing times. This online marketing or internet marketing enables business owners, entrepreneurs to track, monitor their business and […]

Ruby Cucumber

Ruby History Environments and Editors Ruby Download and Installation Folder Structure and Gems Location Ruby Command Line Vs IRB puts Vs p Vs print Comments Variable Types with Naming Convention Numeric Interpolation Conditional and Controller Statements & Modifiers Operator Types Ruby Ranges and Date-time What is an Object in Ruby Object Types Built in Objects […]

Big Data

Big Data Hadoop Analyst training course helps you master Big Data Analysis using Hadoop, Pig and Hive. Hadoop Analyst Course Content Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop and its ecosystem, MapReduce and HDFS What is Big Data, where does Hadoop fit in, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS): replications, block size, secondary name node, high availability, […]

Share Point

Getting Started with SharePoint A brief introduction on share point technology from Administrator’s role perspective   Preparing for SharePoint Installation Configure Service Accounts in Active Directory. Adding Service Accounts. A Basic Install of SQL 2016. What is SSMS? Max Degree of Parallelism. Setup SQL Permissions. Configure the Windows Firewall to Allow SQL Server Access Installing […]