Free certification courses, top university-affiliated programs, 30+ hours of training to become a  fully certified member, job-guaranteed courses offered and so on. All these phrases we get to hear very frequently these days as the demand for the certification have immensely increased and the impact it has is also considerable with the trend these days in terms of securing a job. So with a lot of choices provided it’s a human tendency to get confused. The aim of the blog is to provide you with clarity on how to choose a certification which is right for you to see professional growth.



To demonstrate to potential employers that you are prepared to put in the effort to advance your knowledge in your industry, you might want to think about supplemental credentials. On the other hand, if you work in an industry like IT or web development where entry-level jobs may be obtained without a degree, you might want to look into relevant certifications that can make you stand out from the competition. So dive deep into your interest to do your research, eliminate to figure out what is right for you, scroll through the features and key points of the course,  seek professional advice and later pick the one which provides the impact in climbing the career ladder.

Which side are you on?

When choosing which certificates to pursue, as, with so many other facets of your work, it is critical to keep your goals in mind without compromising the present. Get an industry-wide certification if you are just starting out in your field to provide your career options flexibility. On the other hand, if you have worked for your business for a considerable amount of time and want to develop within the organisation, you might find greater value in obtaining a certificate particular to the firm that attests to your loyalty to it. You can profit from the course and discover what is necessary to stimulate your growth with commitment and time. You should only continue with the programme if you are prepared to put the necessary effort and time into it.  So figure out from where to begin and from which perspective as in like a fresher or an experienced.

Free or paid?

There are certifications available everywhere, but the crucial decision is whether to select a free or premium one. Expanding our skill set and understanding should be our primary objectives when pursuing any certification. You can gain knowledge from subject matter experts through free online courses. The major massive open online courses platforms have modified their business model so that courses are now free but printable certificates are still subject to fees. Nevertheless, there is still a tonne of free online courses available that offer certificates from trusted sources. However, not every course has industry-ready course material or comprehensive coverage of the course material.

Give it a thought

Refreshing your technical skills is essential if you’re interested in job advancement, especially in light of recent IT developments in areas like cloud computing, security, and networking. After finishing one certificate course, more than three-quarters of IT workers reportedly start planning for their next one. Obtaining more credentials is frequently necessary to grow into different career roles. Just make sure that the decisions you make support your career goals.

Become certified in fresh or recently updated technologies if you want to position yourself as a subject matter expert. Few other people will be certified in this field, therefore it’s a fantastic method to demonstrate your value to the company.

So ask yourself what is that you need to do with a certificate?


Take your exam after certification

The noun “examination” is derived from the verb “examine.” It refers to conducting a test in order to confirm, evaluate, and certify certain facts. Despite this, there must be a system in place to assess candidates’ qualifications for certification and to indicate the standards that they must meet. A certification program’s exam goal is to assess professionals seeking a credential’s knowledge and abilities in order to guarantee the required level of competence. Exams for certification must evaluate the performance needed for the particular job in order to accomplish their intended purpose.

To sum up

Professionals value certificates because they are aware of the time and effort required to obtain one, in addition to the abilities you will develop from holding one. It is a fantastic method to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, getting certificates even when they are not necessary may be the determining factor in a promotion or pay increase if a decision-maker recognises that you are doing so. Are you thinking if it is a long and time-consuming process to choose a certification? At Peakin we have certified mentors with great experience who will guide you through the process step by step till you make the best use of the certification you choose.

Now, after reading this blog. Are you wondering where to begin? Here at Peakin, we have top-qualified mentors who can be your guide to show you the right choice to elevate your professional growth. For more details feel free to reach out to us anytime at the details provided below.