Everyone needs a little push, little help sometimes. And that help is to push ourselves from within. Sometimes we can do it ourselves and sometimes we need external help. And that help can be from Life coaching. 

What is Life coaching?

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose – Robert Byrne”      

In simple words, Life coaching is a process you undergo to find your life’s purpose. 

Life is full of choices, good/bad, right/wrong. The choices we make have an effect on our own life as well as the one’s surrounding us. Life coaching helps a person to make balanced life choices that are aligned with one’s purpose in life – creating a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. 

Who is a Life Coach?

A Life coach is a trained professional, who has meaningful conversation with the client and helps them achieve their life goals. It is a collaborative effort with effective communication, a life coach helps the individual reach their highest potential across all facets of life – be it professional journey, spiritual journey, personal life or health & wellbeing. A life coach helps the person who is willing to grow to bridge the gaps in the outlook of life.

Is Life Coach A Therapist?

No, Life coach is not a therapist. Depending on what type of issue that you want to resolve, you need consider having a life coach or therapist or a career coach or a mentor. 

For example, say you have an underlying trauma due to a business loss  or a personal loss, a therapist will be the right person to go to. A therapist hears your past, helps you to resolve your past and manage your present. 

Life coaches on the other hand look at your present and help you to achieve your goals and be in a future you desire. A life coach can see what your obstacles are and helps you to unstuck and move forward.

How do you know if you need a life coach?

  • When you feel there is a lack of clarity in life
  • When you need a unbiased feedback without any judgement
  • When you need to reach the next level in your personal or professional life
  • When you are stuck in some aspect of life and need assistance to improve
  • When you have high level of stress or anxiety 
  • When you lack satisfaction in life or at work

What Life Coach can offer?

There are life coaches who can offer overall solutions and improvement in your life. 

But there are specific life coaches for specific needs. Some of the specialization a life coaches can be are

  • Spirituality Coach
  •  Executive Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Diet, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach
  • Addiction Recovery Coach
  • Relationship Coach
  • Financial Coach
  • Health & Wellness Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Leadership Coach

Benefits of having a Life Coach:


A life coach will help you gain clarity about what you want and how you want to accomplish it. A goal – it can be money, fame or success can be reached, but how you reach the goal also matters. A life coach will help you see through the path you want to travel, making the journey and the destination worthwhile. 



Goal setting is one thing but strategizing to attain the goal is something that life coaches specialise at. They will help you analyse and realise what you are doing right or wrong and help you to do things differently to reach your goals. 



While executing any plan there will be obstacles and self-doubt. There will be limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. Life coach will help you to see your worth and help you build confidence. They will support you and help you with techniques to stay positive and move forward. 



Life is very fast-paced and it is impossible to be without distractions. Most of the time distractions are the reason why productivity is hampered and having a life coach means you are accountable to somebody. This will help in reaching your goals sooner. You will be held responsible for your own success and it gives a sense of ownership to you.



In life we always need a third person perspective to make better decisions. But that perspective has to be unbiased and see what you see  to help you make better choices. And that is exactly what life coaches will do – give unbiased and honest feedback for you to become a better version of yourself. 



As an individual, self-awareness is the key to success. A life coach will help you become more self-aware, help you to unstuck from what you are in life. They will help you acknowledge your weakness, just like how you acknowledge your strengths and make it easier for you to move forward with life. 



One should not go after money and lose health or family relationships. One must have everything in a balanced manner and achieve meaningful goals and have clear purpose in life. A life coach will work with you to help you have a strong personal foundation, that you have a well-balanced life. 



When everything goes per plan, when you are happy, have a good personal and professional life, you are going to feel better. This sense of freedom will help you work towards your life’s purpose. And one person who can give their dedicated time, support and motivation to attain this will be a life coach. 

Consider A Life Coach Who Is..

  • Has positive attitude/ outlook on life
  • Is a great listener and observer
  • Is not judgemental  and non-opinionated
  • Is passionate and empathetic 
  • Communicates clearly & honestly
  • Challenge you and push you towards your goal
  • Motivating you and encourages you

Things to remember while having a life coach

  1.     Life coach cannot address mental health issues

Though life coaches can hear you without making any judgement, resolving trauma or providing a solution to mental health is not under the scope of a life coach and one must consider taking a medical practitioner or a certified therapist to address mental health related issues. 


  1.     Expecting Drastic Change In Your Life

One of the key things to remember is you will not get overnight results. Improvement process is slow and changes take place step by step. Look for a life coach who you are comfortable with, work on your goal setting, take time to implement it and be consistent with your change. 


  1.     Find a Life coach who suits your needs

Every coach has a different approach to life and in terms of solving the problems. The outcome of the coaching actually depends on the relationship between the client and the coach. The comfortableness, ability to open up, their personality and yours all are a factor to consider while choosing a life coach. 

Finding happiness and peace of mind is what everyone strives for. Once you are clear on your purpose and have tools and techniques to reach that, your goals become easily achievable. And that’s what life coaches will offer and that’s what we at Peakin offer. Talk to us if you decide to take that step to reach the next level in your life!